Secrets to Success, Part 5

Remove “good enough” from your vocabulary. And remember this: “good enough” is not good enough.

I’ve been told many times that I sleep a lot. And it’s true. I do sleep a lot. But I sleep 8-10 hours per night because I need it in order to perform optimally.

Many of the people I speak with get far fewer hours of sleep. It’s not ideal, but it enables them to “get by”. It’s “good enough”.

People will get defensive about this, as they will allege that because of work, or because of their TV shows, or blah blah blah, they can’t sleep as much as they’d like. And that’s fine. But this is not an article expounding the secrets of mediocrity.

A favorite line I hear is “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”. To this I nod my head and smile, thinking to myself “But what are you doing while you’re alive?”

Success is related to optimal performance. Optimal performance transcends “good enough” and finds itself on another level — it is a place where self-awareness and self-expectation meet.

We have many versions of ourselves. We have the tired version, the cranky version, the pessimistic version, the average version. And we also have the energetic version, the dynamic version, the optimistic version, the optimal version. Who did you choose to be today?

Ask these questions:
In order to be the best version of myself, how much sleep do I need?
What daily fuel (nutrition) do I need?
How much exercise do I require?
(Add additional questions as necessary).

Figure out a way to consistently be the best version of yourself. This will involve abandoning “good enough”. When we study success, we find that good enough is rarely sufficient.

Good enough is sufficient for the ordinary. But to be great, to be truly exceptional, you’ll need to do things that distinguish you from the pack. You’ll need to do things differently.


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