Around the World in 7 Days (part 1)

We began at ONT (Ontario, California), flying First Class/Business Class to DFW (Dallas), to JFK (New York), and to CDG (Paris). We booked via points, so our cost was 57,500 points plus $11.20 (per person).

We transferred from JFK to LGA in New York, and then flew to CDG on American Airline’s 767-300.

After touching down in Paris, it was time for one of my favorite things: a French ham sandwich. The bread, which only consists of four ingredients (water, flour, yeast, and salt), always seems to taste better in France.

Then we went for a walk. We walked by The Louvre. 8ac50009-a280-494a-9a3a-714b87507113

We strolled through cobble-stoned streets and over bridges.

We walked through the Red Light District.

We waited for our food tour to begin.

We soon met up with our food-tour guide. He took us on a gastronomic safari. Here are some of the highlights:


We finally made our way down to a wine cellar, where we broke bread with new friends and enjoyed a variety of cheeses, meats, and tasty beverages.

And then it was time to Uber to our hotel. On the way we saw a familiar sight.


Hotel: Holiday Inn Paris—Auteuil

Food Tour: Secret Food Tours

Airport Transportation: Royal Transfer

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