Nicaragua: 10 Photos

We spent four days in Managua (and the surrounding areas) during a hot and humid Fourth of July Weekend. Since Independence Day fell on a Tuesday, we decided to turn a weekend into something bigger. Here’s a glimpse:

Our guide found this little guy in a tree (in the cloud-forest-covered crater of Mombacho volcano).
Atop Mombacho volcano, the vegetation competes for light.
Michelle found these heart-shaped leaves adorable. (Of course, they’re poisonous.)
A wide-enough walking path exists so that we weren’t ducking too many errant vines and tree branches. (Not pictured is the sloth we saw. We saw a wild sloth! Alas, he was sleeping, and he wasn’t terribly photogenic.)
The colonial city of Granada was significantly more tranquil than where we stayed (in Managua).
It was hot and humid in Granada, but there was also a little bit of romance in the air.  ♥
In San Juan del Oriente, artisans mesmerize as they create.
At Laguna de Apoyo in Catarina, musicians compete for ears and an audience. Locals seem keen to hang out with friends and family while enjoying the view.
This is the Santiago crater of the Masaya volcano (one of eight active lava lakes around the world).
Looking into the crater from atop the Masaya volcano.


Tour guide: Green Pathways

Hotel: Real InterContinental at Metrocentro Mall, Managua


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