Travel: 10 Photos

10. This is what a sunrise on the Great Wall of China looked like on a cold morning in February, 2004. I was able to get onto the wall at 3 a.m. and hike to Simatai (the highest part of the Great Wall). I hiked only a few miles by head torch, the help of a few friends, and a bit of luck. Current measurements put the length of the Great Wall at over 13,000 miles. light blues - Copy

9. The Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto, Japan, offers visitors an invigorating (and peaceful) 4km walk.

8. Many people take the train to see Machu Picchu. Do yourself a favor, and hike the Inca Trail. It’ll take a few days, but you’ll see many ruins that are rarely publicized but well worth it.
Inca Trail, compressed

7. In La Paz, Mexico, there is a lagoon that stretches almost a mile. Walking around in clear, clean, ankle-deep water is a nice way to spend the day. la_paz

6. Ah, the way the lights dance upon the streets in Lisbon, Portugal. IMG_1680

5. This little guy commandeered my taxi in Siem Reap, Cambodia.img_1368

4. In Negombo, Sri Lanka, thousands of sardines are left out to dry in the blazing sun.negombo

3. It’s like walking atop an aquarium when visiting Thulhagiri Island, Maldives.maldives

2. Me, my mom, and a camel.IMG_7150

1. The coolest public swimming pool I’ve ever seen. (Cairns, Australia)Cairns

We are not photographers. We are travelers. (But every once in awhile, we capture a few images that we like.) For these photos, Michelle and I used a Canon EOS 300D, a Canon G11, and our iPhones.

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